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Fade Master® Adjustable Blade Clipper

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True mastery thrives in the details. Refine your craft with the Fade Master Clipper, professional precision to propel your creative drive forward.

What’s Included:

  • Blade Guard
  • Blade Oil

Fade Master® Adjustable Blade Clipper

The champion of flawless fades.

High, low, or in-between—the Fade Master® Clipper cuts the freshest tapers and closest shaves imaginable. Smooth-cutting, carbon-steel blades adjust from 00000 to 000 and can be zero-gapped for ultra-clean precision. Delivering an unbeatable 14,000 strokes per minute, the magnetic motor pushes through all hair types while running cool and quiet. Housed in sleek, indestructible aluminum, the beautiful shine of this finely-tuned instrument is built to last. The Fade Master Clipper, professional quality designed to inspire.

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