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UltraEdge® Detachable Blade, Size 5 Skip Tooth Legacy

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Keep your grooming tools as sharp as your ideas with the UltraEdge Blade, Size 5 Skip Tooth Legacy, engineered precision for unlimited expression. 

UltraEdge® Detachable Blade, Size 5 Skip Tooth Legacy

The UltraEdge® Detachable Blade, made strong for all-over grooming. Expertly designed for pros who are serious about their craft, these ultra-sharp steel blades slide through long hair without snagging or catching. Carve through coarse coats with versatile cutting power that fits a wide variety of Andis clippers. The rigorous, proprietary hardening process means enhanced strength and durability to conquer every challenge. Easy detach and reattach settings ensure the blade stays secure during double-shifts at the salon and detaches smoothly for cleaning. The UltraEdge Detachable Blade, inspire breakthroughs. 

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